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The Grover Awards: The Very Best Adaptations of Original Posts about the Phillies on The Good Phight in 2013

Today's Grover nominees recognize those individuals and groups who saw what we posted on The Good Phight and wanted more. Much more. And they delivered.

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Funnier 'n a daid rabbit whut I hit with a rock I throwed."
Funnier 'n a daid rabbit whut I hit with a rock I throwed."
A Wet Luzinski jawn

Welcome Back to the Grover Awards!

As mentioned last week, the Grover Awards, named after Phillies all-time great Grover Cleveland Alexander, are the Good Phight's navel-gazing way of celebrating its inherent greatness.

As was the case last year, the Blog Lords, complemented as ever by its growing horde of masthead contributors, all led by Liz, have marked various posts and comments throughout 2013 with this Z-snapped seal of approval:


Compiled with some degree of rigor over the course of the year, I, your blog poet and social media cruise director, set about to group these 2013 nominees into the following categories, and arrange them thusly for you, the fans and readers, to vote upon:

  • Last Tuesday! Best Original Blogplay: The posts that were exemplary in their virtuosity, and slow-clappingly outstanding in the overall field of blog excellence.
  • Last Wednesday! Best Original Screenplay: The best posts that gave us a pictorial feast for our eyes, whether in still or animated form.
  • Today! Best Adaptation of an Original Post: The best posts that riffed on whatever might have been originally intended and moved it to 11, because you see, it's one louder.
  • Friday! Best Responses (Long form): Best responses to another post, generally 25 words or more, and
    Best Responses (Short form): The pithiest pith that ever pithed.
Read and Vote Today! Voting for all Categories ends at midnight Eastern Time, March 9!

Just three nominees in this category today. The first two were all-plays, so we could all be winners!

TGP Goes Green in the comments. Because, apparently, the rec economy at Brew Crew Ball is hyper-inflated.

Tom Horne tribute 6-word post-a-thon. Because game threads got that way in 2013. Can you blame us?

RememberThePhitans' Chaucerian riff on Trev223's McCann Justice post.