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The Grover Awards: The Very Best Comments about the Phillies on The Good Phight in 2013 (Long Form)

Today's Grover nominees recognize the long-winded and bourgeoise-y-ist of the commentariat.

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Less'n a foot made the difference between a hero and a bum.
Less'n a foot made the difference between a hero and a bum.
A Wet Luzinski Jawn

Welcome Back to the Grover Awards! Today's fun features our dedicated, ensnarked, intelligent, and oftentimes hilarious commentariat, who chipped in with long form comments to elucidate us all. We thank both the nominees and all of you who step over the Lurking Line(TM) and join in our ongoing discussion about all things Phillies (and a lot more besides).

For those just tuning in, the Grover Awards, named after Phillies all-time great Grover Cleveland Alexander, are the Good Phight's navel-gazing way of celebrating its inherent greatness.

As was the case last year, the Blog Lords, complemented as ever by its growing horde of masthead contributors, all led by Liz, have marked various posts and comments throughout 2013 with this Z-snapped seal of approval:


Compiled with some degree of rigor over the course of the year, I, your blog poet and social media cruise director, set about to group these 2013 nominees into the following categories, and arrange them thusly for you, the fans and readers, to vote upon:

Read and Vote Today! Voting for all Categories ends at midnight Eastern Time, March 9!

For context, I've directed you to the thread rather than the comment, so be prepared to scroll a bit through (Skip) Membry Lane (Clayton). Our nominees for Best Comment (Long Form) are:

Rujasu - on the Yuniesky Betancourt signing, found here

j reed - Viscerally responds to news of Roy Halladay’s demise after a lousy appearance in ST, found here

88Lindros88 - Memo on the team meeting, found here

crowhop - comment on Brian Wilson, found here

BenDerDonDat in response to Trev223’s game recap found here, a continuation of the Bailey O’Neill story.

TGP.feat - This entire tank thread is nominated.

EREX21’s fantasy conversation between Holmgren and Amaro, found here.

The Situationalist waxes romantic in the wake of Charlie Manuel’s firing, found here

EvanTime’s rant that exposed him as niceguyeddie11 and got him banned, found here.