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Already In Progress: Phillies at Twins Spring Training Game Thread

The clock says it's 1:15, but it feels like 12:15...

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Every year it kills me when we have to "spring ahead" for Daylight Saving Time. Everything feels wrong. I'm already disoriented when I wake up in the morning, but to look at the clock and discover that it's an hour later than what my body is telling me? I feel like I've been sucked into the Twilight Zone, only more boring because it's Daylight Saving Time and not a camera that takes pictures of the future or a coin that lets me hear people's thoughts. If we have to lose an hour, I'd rather it be for some Twilight Zoney reason and not something boring like "we did it for the farmers but now we just keep doing it forever because now it's too hard to stop."

Oh, wait, there's baseball today? Never mind, all better!

Why do you hate Daylight Saving Time? Discuss that and the game in the comments below.