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Do it again! Game 2 GameThread: Phillies @ Rangers

Let's go score 14 more runs, boys! That's totally something that could happen, right!?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

No matter what happens today, yesterday's game was pretty awesome, right!? Nothing can take yesterday away from us. Nothing that happens today or tomorrow or the rest of the season can make yesterday not happen. We watched Jimmy Rollins' 200th career home run, a grand slam. We all felt the feelings! So many feelings!

Yesterday really did happen. So keep that in mind when you're watching tonight's game, which could absolutely be as exciting as last night's game. Odds are, though, that it... you know what? No negativity tonight. Maybe if we send out some positive vibes to the team, we can make some magic happen. Do it with me now! Place an index finger on each temple, close your eyes, and concentrate! Be positive!

Oh my Lord I've turned into my mother. (Hi mom! Love you!)

A.J. Burnett and Martin Perez face off tonight. It's Burnett's first actual real start as a Phillie. Let's hope he and the rest of the Phillies follow RuPaul's sage advice:

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