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Game 9 Open Thread: Brewers at Phillies

Let's hope the Phillies can salvage the series finale and save themselves from getting swept in just their third series of the year.

Drew Hallowell

Hey, it's Cliff Lee Day! Cliff Lee Day is great because it precedes Cliff Lee Night, which is when he pitches, which is the whole point of Cliff Lee Day. Cliff Lee!

Let's all be excited about Cliff Lee. Yay! That's me being excited.

Let's also be excited about Chase Utley's return to the lineup. Super yay! Utley's been absent for two days while he was bravely battling the flu, presumably with a sword and a shield. And wearing some of that sleeveless Thor armor. Mmmm.


I'm sorry, where was I? Oh right, baseball and stuff. So we've got Lee starting for the Phillies, and Marco Estrada starting for the Brewers. Come on, Phillies. Do us proud. By simply not losing.

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