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Game 10 Open Thread: Marlins at Phillies

Jose Fernandez is pitching tonight, which means... well, you know what it means.

Rich Schultz

I have a startling stat for you guys.

Last year, our own Cormican didn't recap a single win. Not a one. A sad, sad streak. An evil, unfortunate curse.

And it could end tonight.

Cormican is taking tonight's recap, and it could all be over. If the Phillies win, they could save him from enduring this curse any longer. They can stop the streak from continuing into another season. They should, because Cormican doesn't deserve this. He's a super nice, awesome guy!

I'm sorry, who did you say is pitching tonight? Jose Fernandez? Oh God. I'm so sorry, Cormican.

Pray hard, everyone. Send the man your best wishes. And discuss the game in the comments below.