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Game 3 Open Thread: Phillies @ Rangers

Strap in, it's our first Kyle Kendrick start of the year.

Tom Pennington

I have a suggestion for the Phillies. Tonight, Ryne Sandberg should try to suck less at bullpen management.

I know. That is some hardcore common sense right there. The front office will naturally be wary of such an approach since it's so radically different from what they're doing now. But I really think they should consider it.

Jimmy Rollins isn't in the lineup tonight, but it's not one of Sandberg's funny, funny lineup experiments. Oh so funny.

Yup, that's a pretty good reason for him to not be in the lineup!

Kyle Kendrick and Robbie Ross Jr. are our starters tonight, so everyone guess in the comments how many Phillies relievers we will see tonight, and who they will be. Oh, and discuss the game, too.