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Phillies Do Not Lose to Mets: Game Postponed

No surprise if you live anywhere near Philadelphia.

Rain, rain, go away....
Rain, rain, go away....
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

If you live anywhere near Philadelphia, this will come as no surprise - tonight's game against the Mets is postponed.  It will be made up as part of a five (yes five!) game series between the two teams from Thursday, May 29 through Monday, June 2.

With today's rain-out and Monday's and tomorrow's scheduled off-days, the Phillies have three days off in the course of four calendar days.  For an old team, that's a nice break, one that never really happens during the course of a baseball season other than during the All-Star Break.

This also explains why the umpires let last night's game continue through what seemed like horrible weather.  It was quite obvious that today's game was not going to happen.  With the Mets playing Colorado in Denver tomorrow, canceling yesterday's game would have meant four days off for the Phillies and two games to make up.  No one wanted either of those things.

Bottom line - no Phillies baseball today or tomorrow.  They'll try to get back in the win column Friday against the Nationals.