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Game 8 Open Thread: Brewers at Phillies

Will there be trouble *brewing* at tonight's Phillies game? Har har har har har har geddit?!

Drew Hallowell

Please let tonight's game be better than yesterday's. Please. Just a little bit better. Just a smidgen. I'm not asking for much. Just a tiny thing.

All I want is to see some progress. Maybe Ben Revere doesn't make an error tonight. He doesn't have to make the catch of the year, he just has to not screw up. Maybe the bullpen doesn't completely suck. I'm not asking for a miracle here, I'm not expecting them to be a bunch of 2008 Brad Lidges. They can have some sucky qualities, just maybe not as many as last night.

Rofausto Carnandez takes the mound for the Phillies, and Matt Garza suits up for the Brewers. Cody Asche is absent tonight due to a "tweaked" left hamstring, but it's apparently not serious as he was doing extra fielding work earlier. With four coaches. That is some serious fielding work. Chase Utley's hot bat (oh yeah) is still out of the lineup as he recovers from the flu, but he's available to pinch hit.

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