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Phillies 2014 Draft Preview - Round 2 Targets

This draft is incredibly deep and the talent available at the Phillies Round 2 pick will be a First Round talent. The Phillies picked a good time to start stinking again. We'll look at 3 names that might be potential picks.

It takes a lot of balls to predict the draft
It takes a lot of balls to predict the draft
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

These updates won't be as in depth as the individual players and more of a look at some names to keep an eye on for Round 2. I plan on doing 3 of these with 3 players in each.

Michael Gettys, OF - Gettys is unlikely to last to Round 2 (and could be a signing risk if he does last that far), but if he does his ceiling could make him the best hitter in this draft. He already has possible 80 grade speed. His arm is at least a 70. His Defense, while raw, could be 70 grade or better in Center. If his hitting wasn't a mess he'd be a Top 10 or better pick. Gettys has a big weight shift and toe tap to start his swing. That is great for generating power, but start him off with a Changeup or two and his timing will be shot to hell. Gettys is raw and his hit tool needs work (a lot of it), but his Power can end up above average to plus, but it's all dependent on his hit tool. His power won't be Mike Trout level and it's unlikely he'll hit anything like that. Maybe he could get to Cameron Maybin level.



Kodi Medeiros, LHP - Medeiros' Slider is in the competition for single best pitch in this Draft. So, why is it possible he can still be available in Round 2? Well, the Hawaiian Lefty is only six feet tall. To compound that, he pitches almost sidearm so his release point is pretty low. It's great news for his Slider though, as I could see Lefthanders bailing out to avoid getting hit by a pitch that ends up a strike on the far side of the plate. The real concern is whether Medeiros is a Starter or a Reliever. It's pretty tough to justify taking a High Schooler whose ceiling is as a Reliever, even high leverage, in Round 1. In Round 2 it's a little easier to take the chance on a kid  who has a Fastball and Changeup that are not far behind his Slider. Someone will need to get more consistency in his delivery and refine his control. I feel confident that his floor is absolute lockdown, unhittable reliever, while his Ceiling is #2 Starter.


Joseph Gatto, RHP - Gatto is a big kid, 6'5" 210 lbs, he can crank his Fastball up into the mid-90's and it has some late life. There's still some projectability to his build and his control is pretty solid. Last year Gatto would likely have been a First rounder, but he doesn't have the 100 mph Fastball of Kolek or the knockout Slider of Rodon. He's not as polished as Aiken and he's actually somewhat raw, as a North Jersey Pitcher he doesn't go year round like the guys in Southern Cal, Texas and Florida. Probably tops out as a No. 2 Starter. Definitely has a workhorse build.