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Freddy Galvis out 6-8 weeks with broken collar bone

The young infielder's terrific luck continued Sunday night with another fracture, this time in his shoulder.


Freddy Galvis needs clavicle surgery after sliding into a wall while trying to catch a foul ball with Lehigh Valley and will miss 6-8 weeks.

For those out of the loop, Freddy Galvis' career has gone a little something like this.

Ryne Sanderg: Freddy, could you come here, please.

Freddy Galvis: Sure thing coach, I'll (steps in bucket) be right there (gets hand stuck in pickle jar) just gimme a (bangs head on overhanging pipe) quick sec to (ceiling tile opens, snakes pour out) finish up here and I'll (vomits blood) be right over (head explodes, confetti bursts out).

Ryne Sandberg: Uh, thanks.

Headless Freddy Galvis: You wanted to see me, sk(Contracts malaria)ip?

In real life, it's:

The good news is that the PED suspension overlapped the back fracture. The bad news is that that's not really good news.

It sucks to see a young guy go down for so long so often. There was a time when he was merely a sparkling defensive protégé, learning how to survive on the mean streets of Philadelphia as his baseball team sucked all summer long. Now, he's getting surgery, again. Hopefully, one day the 24-year-old will return to baseball and play it for a long time without any bad problems (also a batting average with fewer 0's at the front).

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