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Cesar Hernandez Recalled To Replace Nix

Hernandez returns to Philadelphia for the second time this year to replace the dearly departed Jayson Nix.

Drew Hallowell

On Monday, the Phillies released Jayson Nix. On Tuesday morning, the corresponding move was made.

Hernandez had been playing multiple positions down in Reading, getting more regular time at shortstop and third base, in addition to his regular position of second base. Hernandez also can play center field in a pinch, as he did toward the end of last year.

The addition of Reid Brignac late last week gives the Phils someone to back up Rollins at short. But Hernandez could be called upon to play third, which could be an adventure, given the seven errors he made during the 16 games he played there.

Offensively, though, Hernandez has been pretty dag-gun good.

And when Darin Ruf is ready to re-join the Phillies, Hernandez' ability to play center field would give the Phils even more options...

Hernandez will be available for tonight's series-opener against Mike Trout and some other California Angels players.