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Game 39 Open Thread: Reds at Phillies

Votto out, Mesoraco in. Phillies curse.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

You know there's something about being an expected failure that's appealing. The Phillies have been predicted into the fourth or fifth spot in the NL East by almost everyone this side of PECOTA (who had them third) that any success this year would be gravy. There's no need to sell off everyone in May or anything, but let's be real here -- we're just riding high on Chase Utley and prospects at this point, right? And there's nothing wrong with that! Especially if they, uh, turn it around and make a run at things.

But the Reds? That's different. It straight up sucks being a team of expectation and failing to meet your potential. The Reds are 7.5 games back in the central in a year that almost everyone expected them to contend. Sure, injuries to hot rookie Devin Mesoraco and losing closer Aroldis Chapman for the first month and a half didn't help, and Mat Latos hasn't even pitched yet. Oh and now Joey Votto is hurt. But still, Billy Hamilton can't hit his weight and the Reds are stumbling against a totally surprising Brewers team that is killing the National League West.

That feeling you're feeling in the back of your throat? That's 2012 flashbacks, and the Reds are feeling that hard. So we'll have to forgive them if they're a little churlish. Still, it'd be pretty cool to be them, huh?

Today's Lineups

Billy Hamilton - CF Jimmy Rollins - SS
Skip Schumaker - RF Carlos Ruiz - C
B. Phillips - 2B Chase Utley - 2B
Todd Frazier - 3B Ryan Howard - 1B
Devin Mesoraco - C Marlon Byrd - RF
Ryan Ludwick - LF Domonic Brown - LF
Brayan Pena - 1B John Mayberry - CF
Zack Cozart - SS Cody Asche - 3B
Alfredo Simon - RHP Kyle Kendrick - RHP