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Miguel Gonzalez coming along not nicely

MAG is back in a big way, and that way is unimpressive.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez was allowed back on a pitching mound to do some arm stuff for the Clearwater Threshers. Things went really well for people who like very long redemption stories.

To be fair, that line also included an unmentioned strikeout and of the five runs Gonzalez gave up in the 10-3 loss to St. Lucie, only two were earned (He also gave up four hits).

Still, though. This was a far less successful endeavor than MAG's first professional start on May 15, in which he went five innings, giving up three runs, six hits, and two walks.

27-year-old Gonzalez, the Phillies' mysterious Cuban offseason signing, was stricken with right shoulder tendinitis during the preseason, shot up with anti-inflammatories, and is now trying to pitch his way back to healthy, one lack of control at a time.

Ruben Amaro proudly proclaimed that MAG had hit 93-95 m.p.h. with his heater at the beginning of May, the first instance that his velocity had scraped what was said to be his ceiling. Amaro remains confident that Gonzalez will be a starter, presumably one of those A.J. Burnett-types who walks everybody but still sometimes wins.

His current status of "pitching poorly in official minor league games" is an upgrade from what Jim Salisbury called "close to pitching in official minor league games" mere weeks ago.