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Game 46 Open Thread: Dodgers @ Phillies

Well, it isn't Kershaw again at least.

It's cool how he can levitate the ball like that though.
It's cool how he can levitate the ball like that though.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So, yesterday was a drag, but the Phillies were able to keep the Dodgers to only two runs while throwing Roberto Hernandez out there, so in terms of silver linings, that's a good one. And in further silver linings, while we're still slated to see a pitcher at the relative peak of his game -- the oft-rumored-dead Dan Haren, sporting a 3.16 ERA -- we don't have to watch the Phillies flail at Clayton Kershaw all game, so that's great news. The Phils have a chance in this one, especially out of spacious Chavez Ravine.

That said, the arguably bad news here is that, with Cliff Lee on the DL, the Phillies have called up David Buchanan to make his first major league start against this potent LAD offense. Buchanan's stats in Lehigh Valley this year weren't exactly awe-inspiring -- a 3.98 ERA over 40.2 innings with a 6.86 K/9 and a 3.76 BB/9 -- but he does keep the ball in the yard (.66 HR/9), and he might be able to pull off a reasonable Kyle Kendrick/Jon Pettibone impression. Indeed, if he follows in the mold of Tyler Cloyds and Vance Worleys of the past, he might even be able to surprise us a little bit.

Still, don't go expecting Cliff Lee: if the kid makes it five innings and allows less than three runs, he's given the Phillies a chance, which is a hell of a thing for a first major league start. And maybe they can hit a few dingers off Haren to make his job a bit easier.

Today's Lineups

Dee Gordon - 2B Ben Revere - CF
Yasiel Puig - RF Jimmy Rollins - SS
Hanley Ramirez - SS Chase Utley - 2B
Adrian Gonzalez - 1B Ryan Howard - 1B
Carl Crawford - LF Marlon Byrd - RF
Andre Ethier - CF Domonic Brown - LF
Justin Turner - 3B Carlos Ruiz - C
A.J. Ellis - C Cesar Hernandez - 3B
Dan Haren - RHP David Buchanan - RHP