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Buchanan Defeats Fremont: Phillies 5, Dodgers 3

The formula for winning is easy.

I'm a winner!
I'm a winner!
Hunter Martin

The formula for winning a baseball game is simple.  Score some runs and limit your opponents to scoring fewer runs.

Today, the Phillies did this exactly.  David Buchanan allowed only two hits in 5 innings resulting in only 2 runs.  The Phillies bullpen allowed another unearned run but otherwise blanked the Dodgers.

And the Phillies offense had its unlikely hero of the day - Ben Revere.  He hit his first double of the year (!!!) and had 3 other hits, all singles.  Chase Utley had a home run and Jimmy Rollins continued his great season driving in 2.

Jonathan Papelbon made us all nervous walking two with two outs in the ninth, but he struck out Scott Van Slyke for the save.

It's an easy game, it really is.

Source: FanGraphs