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Game 53 Open Thread: Mets @ Phillies

So now the Phillies get the blowout, yeah?

Shades of Shark
Shades of Shark
Jim McIsaac

If this whole baseball thing works like a continuum [insert True Detective joke here], then we're at an encouraging part of the pattern: Mets blowout followed by close game ending in extras followed by...what? Yep, you guessed it: a Phillies blowout win. So, you know, plan for a happy afternoon.

Hold on, I'm just getting word that that's not how baseball or, really, anything works. Huh, well, guess they'll actually have to play this one after all.

The Phillies are up against something of a Samardizjian buzzsaw today, as Jacob deGrom of the Mets vies for his first victory. Here's what ESPN has to say about him:

DeGrom has been outstanding through his first three starts, but they've all ended in losses for New York (25-29) as he's gone 0-2 with a 1.83 ERA.

The right-hander has been backed by four runs while becoming the first Mets pitcher to have an ERA under 2.00 through his first three starts without a win since Pete Harnisch and Mike Birkbeck in 1995.Jim McAndrew is the only Mets rookie to do that through his first four starts in 1968.So uh, history either way I guess. deGrom has been superficially excellent, but his peripherals tell a different story, with a 6.41 K/9 backed by a troubling 4.58 BB/9 and more than a home run per nine. All of that adds up to a FIP over five, so while the Phillies could end up dominated today, it's no foregone conclusion.

On the Phillies' end is the most written about third-thru-fifth starter of all time in Kyle Kendrick. You all know him, so I'll avoid spilling any more digital ink on ol KK here and just say: keep them under four for six innings, Kyle. Fingers uh, crossed.

Go Phils!