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Game 67 Open Thread: Cubs at Phillies

After yesterday's excitement, let's see if the Phillies can build some momentum. Again. One more time.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was awesome. It really was. Jimmy. Chase. Dom. Homers and history. Yesterday's game had everything.

Today's game probably won't live up to that. But hopefully they can do what they failed to do on Friday: build momentum. They're gonna need it before they head to Atlanta and St. Louis next week. I have faith in them. Because if I didn't, that would be depressing.

Happy Father's Day to all of you fathers out there. There are more than a few dads on The Good Phight staff, and I wish them a very special Father's Day. They spend time contributing to the site when they could be doing things with their kids or resting after taking care of them. I'm so grateful for all the work they do.

Enjoy your day, dads. Especially my dad. I wrote this about my dad a few years ago, and it's still true today. Discuss your favorite dad/Phillies memories in the comments below, and discuss the game, too.