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I Brace, Grind: Reid Brignac Anagrams

I've been having fun lately with making anagrams using Reid Brignac's name. Why? I am a nerd. Be a nerd with me.

Drew Hallowell

Reid Brignac has been a surprisingly not awful addition to the Phillies this year. Despite his propensity for swinging at some of the most awful pitches (the dreaded "front foot" slider, for instance), he has been a really useful part since Cody Asche went down.

Here's his Fangraphs page. That wRC+ is largely driven by his .421 BABIP, and I look forward to, uh, seeing if he can continue that. His strikeout rate of 31.3% is well above his career rate, but it tends to confirm my gut feeling that he sometimes has no idea what he's swinging at. His walk rate of 9.0% is nearly twice his career rate of 5.1%, but maybe at 28, he's developing a better eye. Or maybe it is just noise. The isolated power is not crazy out of line at .167, though, so he does have some pop.

In short, he's a really useful engine at the end of the bench right now, though the offensive production is a mirage that will fade. He's hot right now, though. Let us celebrate Good Reid while we have him. Ride him, Sandberg!

Still, for me, his on the field performance and his Playmate significant other are not the most interesting features of Reid Brignac. I like his name, and all the cool anagrams that it makes. He's got excellent letters with the "ing" and "ed" and "er". All of that baseballing stuff above is just a thin veneer of cover to let me wander off the rails and make Reid Brignac anagrams.

Here are the ones I've come up with so far. You should probably check them to make sure I didn't blow it on one (or more):

Dicing Rebar

Bracing Ride

Racing Bride

Acrid Binge

Caged, I Rib

I Brace, Grind

I, Cab Grinder

I could keep going here, but I don't want to spoil it for all of you.  Now, I know that you can enter his name into any number of on-line tools to come up with a kajillion anagrams, but that's cheating. Don't cheat.