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Game 71 Open Thread: Phillies at Cardinals

The Phillies are awesome and awful and weird and unpredictable all at the same time. I think we all need some therapy.

"So what are you getting Cliff for his birthday?"
"So what are you getting Cliff for his birthday?"
Kevin Liles

The Phillies may not be what most people consider "good", but I'll say this much about them: they're interesting and confusing. They lost two of three to the Reds, a team they typically own. They swept the crappy Padres, and then lost two of three to the also crappy Cubs. And then? They swept the Braves!

I'll say it again: the Phillies swept the Braves.

Go home, Phillies, you're drunk. But don't drive. That's dangerous!

Now, the Phillies face the hated Cardinals. Well, hated by me. If I ever get over 2011, I'll let you know. What will the Phillies do this series? I have no earthly idea. None whatsoever. But that's why I'm going to watch them.

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