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Cameron Rupp about to back, back, back it up

Wil Nieves' quad injury will result in the season's first eRUPPtion at the Major League level.

Kevin Liles

As Wil Nieves limped off the field with the aid of a trainer yesterday, we had no idea of his secret powers.

The Phillies' back-up backstop and Tinder star will be missing time, despite his optimism that everything will be fine. The "pop" Nieves felt while running to second base has him unconcerned, as he claims to be a "quick healer," a condition yet to be addressed by modern medicine.

While Nieves heals faster than the average human, apparently, the Phillies will need someone to back up Carlos Ruiz, and that someone is going to be the Phillies' masked man at Triple A and College World Series poster Cameron Rupp.

With Lehigh Valley, 25-year-old Rupp is pumping out a .167 BA and .665 OPS in 129 plate appearances. Why is he doing that? Why isn't he better? These are questions that will be asked by more very soon. Until a few days ago, he was trudging through a real swamp of a slump until he contributed to the 'Pigs' comeback efforts against the Charlotte Knights with a double and pair of sexy RBI.

Last season, Rupp made a four-game cameo appearance with the Phillies, going 4-for-13 with a double, a walk, and four strikeouts. Teams were starving for catchers in the Phillies farm system, so he was promoted from Reading, where he slashed .245/.329/.455, to Lehigh, after 41 games. With the IronPigs, Rupp performed slightly better at the plate: .269/.309/.423.

As science races to catch up with Nieves' adamantium skeleton, Rupp will be the back-up Chooch. Or should I say.. back-RUPP Chooch? Ha ha ha ha ha ow ow stop striking me.