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Cody Asche alive and well in St. Louis

The Phillies third baseman's appearance in St. Louis with the team is presumably not just a bizarre coincidence.

Mitchell Leff

Jim Salisbury is saying that Cody Asche is in St. Louis. By a huge coincidence, the Phillies are also in St. Louis to play the Cardinals. This likely means that Asche's rehabbing - through which he has been productive for the Threshers and IronPigs - is complete.

Apparently he got a sniff of the Phillies' recent butchering of the Braves and couldn't help but want to be a part of it. If staging a resurgence with defeats of the NL's most insufferable franchises is Asche's game, then he is in a good position in St. Louis. Or maybe he just doesn't what Cameron Rupp walking around, screwing stuff up.

Before his departure due to a left hamstring issue that did not result in a Maikel Franco promotion, Asche was hitting .258/.346/.425, and in his absence, the hot corner collapsed into one of the Phillies' more intense suck-holes.

Tonight's lineup is out, showing Reid Brignac getting the start at third. However, Asche was partaking in batting practice, which at the very least means he has been cleared to use a bat.