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Reid Brignac sprains the living hell out of his ankle

The Phillies infielder is to be "re-evaluated" at a real nice farm upstate.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Ha ha, no, Reid Brignac is not about to be executed.

But he did sprain his ankle pretty horrendously in Thursday night's game against the Cardinals while colliding with St. Louis hurler Shelby Miller on a play at first base in the fifth inning. Brignac had actually nailed a sizzling liner down the first base line, but Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams made an eye-rollingly great stop and tossed to Miller for the close out. Brignac tried to go low or something to reach the bag first, but obiously, that didn't work.

Given the graphic nature of the injury when it happened, a sprain is almost good news.

The story was quickly blown way, way out of proportion by typical media-types.

From a roster standpoint, the return of Cody Asche could not have been timelier, as Brignac was one of those filling in at third base while Asche dealt with his own injury. Asche rejoined the third baseman-starved Phillies in St. Louis on Thursday.