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Game 76 Open Thread: Marlins at Phillies

It's a lovely night for baseball, so at least there's that.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

This is why summer is great. Gorgeous weather, bright sun, grilling, beer, and baseball. Even when the Phillies aren't great, it's tough to beat all of that. God I love summer.

Let's focus on that, shall we? No, the Phillies may not be playing well, but hey isn't that beer tasty? And the next beer? And the two after that? Uh, maybe you want to slow down a little bit. Yes, the fifth one is probably tasty too. Wait, is that your sixth? OK, you just had to say yes, you didn't have to fall down and spill beer all over yourself. Yes, I know, I'm your very best friend ever. No, I'm not Chase Utley. Chase Utley isn't here. You know what, why don't you go lay down before you hurt yourself. I'll just call a cab.

You see what you're doing, Phillies? You're driving this entirely fictitious person I just made up to a life of boozing!

Today's Lineups

Jake Marisnick - CF Jimmy Rollins - SS
Derek Dietrich - 2B Carlos Ruiz - C
G. Stanton - RF Chase Utley - 2B
Casey McGehee - 3B Ryan Howard - 1B
J. Saltalamacchia - C Marlon Byrd - RF
Marcell Ozuna - LF Cody Asche - 3B
Garrett Jones - 1B John Mayberry - LF
Ed Lucas - SS Ben Revere - CF
Andrew Heaney - LHP David Buchanan - RHP

David Buchanan is back on the mound tonight. Let's hope he can recreate whatever was going on the last time he pitched.

Discuss the game in the comments below.