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Phillies keep Grady Sizemore comeback alive

The oft-wounded free agent's comeback continues in Lehigh after being DFA'd by the Red Sox.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

31-year-old Grady Sizemore was one of the more curious potential pick-ups of the offseason. Of the guys attempting comebacks for various reasons - Mark Mulder, Chone Figgins, Nyjer Morgan, Ryan Braun, etc. - he fell more into the "Mulder" school - He'd been away for a while and there was a possibility that he'd never be back.

But Sizemore was patient with himself and gave himself plenty of time to heal from a career of setbacks, so that when he returned, it wouldn't be for an afternoon or two and then one of his eyes would pop out. It was necessary, as Sizemore, after a promising start to his career in Cleveland, suffered through a series of versatile injuries to a plethora of his body part from 2009-11.

Picking him up would be cheap, and with his ceiling being high, it was worth the risk. At least, the Red Sox thought so, and signed him up. He hit his first home run since 2011 on Opening Day and it was wonderful and inspiring and hey kids if you can dream it you can do it.

But that dream... became a nightmare. Sizemore failed to return to even adequate numbers (.216/.288/.324, 2 HR, 15 RBI, -0.4 WAR) offensively - shocking, I know, for a guy who hadn't played for two years, but that's the nature of a gamble. The Red Sox reluctantly cut him while simultaneously raving about what a nice guy he is, and he waited for some team with a fairly pathetic outfield to come along, sigh heavily, and offer him a contract.

Well heeeelllooooooooooo

In the wake of the Tyson Gillies release, the Phillies have less outfielding than ever. Their big league guys are far from elite, or even, like, regular, and their minors offer little solace. Sizemore will have a chance to play, try and throw together some at-bats, and if he's lucky, be healthy and productive when somebody ahead of him goes down with a horrifying injury.

Good luck, Grady!