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Game 78 Open Thread: Marlins at Phillies

How will Cole Hamels get screwed over this week? Let's find out!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

That Cole Hamels hasn't throttled any of his teammates either on the field or in the locker room (or on the street, going about their daily lives) is a mark of his maturity and his grip on this situation. But it can't last forever. Eventually, his teammates have to score runs for him or he's going to snap and start tearing them limb from limb. As fun as it would be to see Hulk Hamels, I don't think that's a road any of us want to go down.


Today's Lineups

Jake Marisnick - CF Ben Revere - CF
Ed Lucas - SS Jimmy Rollins - SS
G. Stanton - RF Chase Utley - 2B
Casey McGehee - 3B Ryan Howard - 1B
Marcell Ozuna - LF Marlon Byrd - RF
Jeff Baker - 1B Cody Asche - 3B
J. Saltalamacchia - C Carlos Ruiz - C
Donovan Solano - 2B John Mayberry - LF
Tom Koehler - RHP Cole Hamels - LHP

What you see above is a lineup without Domonic Brown. After coughing up three runs on a bad, bad misplay last night, he gets to sit this one out. At this point, it couldn't hurt. Ryne Sandberg has tried playing Dom through this... thing he's going through (we can't call it a slump anymore, it's so much more than that), and it hasn't helped. So maybe not playing more often will... help? I don't know. Something has to.

What do you think will help Domonic Brown? Submit your ideas, along with your thoughts about the game, in the comments below.