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Phillies Trade Ronny Cedeno for Guy With Name

Welcome to the Phillies' system, Raywilly Gomez!

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Bad news for all you Ronny Cedeno lovers out there.

Dry your tears, one person. The guy that the Phillies got in this trade is a catcher named Raywilly Gomez, which is a name that makes zero sense yet is somehow awesome.

Cedeno, who I wouldn't recognize if he were standing in front of my face (though if he wore a name tag that said "Hi, my name is Ronny Cedeno" I might have more luck), was signed to a minor league contract back in January. He was released in March after a dismal spring training, and then the Phillies re-signed him five days later after realizing that their team was doomed to certain failure without him. He spent most of his time in AAA, playing 42 games and hitting .286/.327/.367. Cedeno made it to the majors on June 6 (providing depth for the seemingly never ending parade of injured backup infielders), but since then he only appeared in 7 games. In nine plate appearances, he didn't notch a single hit and had two strikeouts.

Raywilly Gomez, owner of a name that's as fun to type as it is to say, was in his first full year with the Diamondbacks' AA affiliate in Mobile until he was traded to the Phillies yesterday. In 55 games, he hit .273/.355/.360. The 24-year old has never played higher than AA.

This was a move of necessity for the Phillies, as there are no more catchers left anywhere in the Phillies system and they are in desperate need of at least one. Fun fact: that's because the Phillies catcher position is cursed. Prove to me it's not. First Chooch, then Nieves. Cameron Rupp should watch out.