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TGP Exclusive: Meeting Materials from Ryne Sandberg's June 2 Team Meeting

Ryne Sandberg's new-wave managerial stylings now include PowerPoint slides.


For a solid century or more, baseball managers have forced upon their teams the tired-and-true-trope/strategy of the team meeting in an attempt to reverse losing streaks. Even Hollywood has obliged with the standard format in The Natural.

So when Ryne Sandberg tried this the other day, I couldn't help but wonder:

Yesterday's Meeting Agenda

Please reply with your best guesses in the comments below.


I had my own ideas, but no real time to develop them. Fortunately, one of the great things about this site is that it is filled with intelligent, funny, and very creative people. They picked right up on the thinking and didn't lollygag. They hustled. And they posted things the right way.

First up: You owe it to yourself to click on my comment and see all the responses, which include agendas from schmenkman, LGT8, and The Truth Injection.

Second, The Truth Injection didn't stop there, and worked up a wonderful (but NSFW) transcript clearly reveals how Larry Bowa finally put a fire under Dom Brown's behind.

Third, the best damn blogger on the planet, Liz Roscher, provided Sandberg with some meeting tips, including my favorite, using the Comic Sans font.

Finally, jrobulls, in response to my next request:

I will give anyone one (1) free internet for creating the Powerpoint slides.


worked up these animated PowerPoint slides that you have to watch right now. Now, before they end this rain delay in Washington.

Enjoy - and thanks for making this a hugely enjoyable baseball blog. Please join the conference call tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. to discuss how we can serve your needs better.