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2014 Draft Day 2 Open Thread

Will the Phillies continue down the path of College players with advanced skills or will they work in a few gambles?

I hear the Crypt Keeper laugh when I see this pic.
I hear the Crypt Keeper laugh when I see this pic.

This would be the time to gamble on ceiling. You've gotten a guy who's a near certain MLB Starter and a guy whose floor might be LOOGY and whose ceiling might be mid-rotation Starter. There's some great talent on the board including a few guys thought o be borderline First Round talents.

Best available:

  • Jacob Bukauskas, RHP, High School Virginia
  • Michael Cederoth, RHP, San Diego State - Good candidate for a Closer.
  • Milton Ramos, SS, High School, Florida
  • Carson Sands, LHP, High School, Florida
  • Mac Mashall, LHP, High School, Georgia (has dropped like a lead bullion the last month as he had been projected as a mid First Rounder as recent as late April)
  • Matt Railey, OF, High School, Florida
  • Brett Graves, RHP, U of Missouri
  • Jackson Reetz, C, High School, Nebraska
  • Josh Morgan, SS, High School, California
  • Chris Oliver, RHP, U of Arkansas

Other Interesting names still available:

  • J.J. Schwarz, C, High School, Florida
  • Dylan Cease, RHP, High School, Georgia - Dropping hard with injury concerns. First Round talent, if anyone takes the risk
  • Grayson Greiner, C, U of South Carolina
  • Jake Cosart, RHP, Seminole State JC - Before anyone asks, yes, it's his younger brother and he has a fastball that tickles 100.
  • Luke Dykstra, SS/3B, High School, California - Before anyone asks, yes it's his son.
  • Jacob Nix, RHP, High School, California - Before anyone asks, no, notice there is no useless "y" added. If he was related he'd be Jaycob Nix.
  • Brett Austin, C, NC State
  • Caleb Adams, OF, Louisiana-Lafeyette
  • Joey Pankake, 3B/OF, U of South Carolina (I did say interesting names)
  • Storm Edwards, OF, High School, North Carolina (I really wish he'd committed to UNC, as an outfield with Storm and Skye Bolt would be meteorologically awesome)
  • Ben Wetzler, LHP, Oregon State - Would be a pretty ballsy pick
  • Karsten Whitson, RHP, U of Florida - Drafted 9th overall in 2010 and turned down $2.1mm. He'll probably go between the 6th and 10th round now and sign for $100K or less.
  • Blake Drake, OF, Concordia - A Phillies strength area in Scouting, plus his name reminds me of Grape Ape
  • Zach Pop, RHP, Ontario - I like that his name can also be used to describe the sound of him pitching
  • Nick Valaika, SS, High School, California - Comes from a long line of Utility infielders
  • Benito Santiago, Jr, C, High School, Florida - Yes, obviously. Has no relationship with Senior though. Well regarded Defender, caught for Touki Toussaint in High School.