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Phillies 2014 Third Round Pick: Aaron Brown, OF

Aaron Brown is a 6'2" Left hander from Pepperdine University. He could be used in either a role on the Mound or in the field (think Jiwan James). Brown's been drafted a few times. In 2011 by the Pirates in the 17th Round, in 2013 by the Indians in the 30th and now in the Third by the Phillies. Browns got above average speed, a plus arm (could certainly play in Right, which is where he's more likely to start out). BA notes concerns with pitch recognition, but a switch to full time hitting may help him focus more on learning nuances. His swing has some lift and he could develop more power.

He's another fairly safe College pick, in the mold of Cameron Perkins (not a comp). He'll have some work to do and he profiles as a 4th Outfielder at present. Improvements in pitch recognition will help improve that ceiling, but you don't see a lot of 22 year olds suddenly figure that out.

Here's a few videos to enjoy. Hitting:

Fielding (in 2010):