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Snore: Reds 4, Phillies 1

The crowd was quiet and the Phillies played baseball to match.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Ye gods was today's game boring.

Sometimes there just isn't a lot to say about a game, and this is one of those times.

David Buchanan didn't get the redemption he was looking for, but he performed just fine for a fifth starter. Four runs and six hits over six innings. He melted down in just one inning -- the fifth. A single and a double put two runners on, and then Reds' starter Homer Bailey helped his own cause by hitting a two-run single that put them up 2-1. Billy Hamilton, the very next batter, sent a Buchanan pitch into the seats that scored two more runs. The score became 4-1, and that's where it stayed.

The Phils did score one run, in the third inning. It wasn't the only chance they had to score today -- they left eight men on base. Six different Phillies had hits today, but every one of them were singles. They even had an out at home, which I specifically asked them not to do in the game thread today. Way to listen, guys!

The Phillies usually dominate the Reds. This time, the Phillies couldn't escape themselves. They lost the game and the series.

Tomorrow they have an off day, thank God. Starting on June 10, the Phillies play 21 games in 20 days, including a June 28 day/night doubleheader with the Braves (ugh). Let's all enjoy tomorrow, shall we?