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Match dot bomb: Giants 7, Phillies 4

I'm not even a little sorry about the recap title.

Whoopsie daisy!
Whoopsie daisy!
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

"They may replay this game on for all the singles!" - Larry Anderson


The Phillies had 14 hits tonight and they were all singles. For all their hits, they scored just four runs -- two in the second and two more in the fourth. Of the position players, Cody Asche had three hits, Grady Sizemore had one, and everyone else had two each. Well, everyone besides Domonic Brown, who was the sole position player without a hit.

So, how did Cliff Lee stack up in his first start off the DL? Well, uh, it's important to remember it's his first start off the DL! Where he's been for two months! But yeah, he was kinda bad tonight. He gave up 12 hits over 5 2/3 innings, tying a career high. That is a lot of hits right there, and most teams (most, ahem) would be able to scratch out a respectable number of runs on that many hits. Of the 12 hits, only two were for extra bases. But the home run to Adam Duvall (???) is what put the Giants up to stay. It wasn't all bad, though. You could see flashes of the Cliff Lee we all know and love, so I'm optimistic he can get back there. But it'll be a process, and one that won't be completed before trade deadlines of any type.

You should all be relieved to know that Cliff Lee still doesn't give a fuck.

This was during the first of three (3) reviews tonight. He's just chilling on the grass because he thinks the whole thing is pretty lame.

While the Larry Anderson quote could easily be the best part of tonight's game, or even the Lee's recess timeout on the grass, I think the honor should go to Cody Asche and his glove. Kid flashed some leather and saved at least one run for Cliff Lee.

So even though the Phillies lost and Cliff Lee was icky, at least there was that.

Source: FanGraphs