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Phillies roster move extravaganza: Ruiz and Aumont return, Rupp and Manship depart

Chooch has returned, so let us all rejoice and be glad.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another roster move. Or in this case, four.

Our own beloved Carlos Ruiz has been activated from the 7-day concussion DL and will be back in action tonight. Chooch was placed on the concussion-specific DL on June 27 after being whacked in the noggin by a baseball. Prior to going on the DL, Chooch was hitting .257/.363/.357 for the season. However, he'd had a dismal June, hitting just .200 and watching his average slide from .290/.403/.406 on June 1. Despite that, Chooch's offense and steady presence behind the plate has been missed, but Cameron Rupp has done his best to fill in. Now that the Phillies have both of their catchers back, there's no more room for Rupp, who was optioned back to AAA Lehigh Valley. Rupp was originally recalled to replace the injured Wil Nieves and back up Ruiz, but Ruiz's concussion changed all that. Rupp hit .190/.230/.259 in 17 games, which is not all that great, but he did have a few nice games.

The Phillies bullpen is also switching out one reliever for another. Righty reliever Jeff Manship, who may or not may be part of the Manship Clan of the Isle of Man, has been designated for assignment. It might have been last night's multi-batter four-run game-losing oopsie that did Manship in, or it could be that he's just not very good. In 20 appearances over 23 innings, Manship pitched to a 6.65 ERA, striking out 16 and walking 14.

But who will take his place? It's none other than Phillippe Aumont, who will not arrive via manship but will instead climb down the beanstalk from the giant cloud-based kingdom in which he lives. (Aumont's sheer size as a human man will never not be funny to me.) Aumont is up for the second time this season, hopefully longer than last time when he spent just two games with the Phillies. Of course, that may have been enough for them. He allowed two runs in each of those two games, and he's now sporting a massive 21.60 ERA. After being sent down on June 3 he's pitched 3.65 ERA ball, striking out 27 and walking just nine in 11 appearances. And nine of those 11 appearances have been for more than one inning.

I am not convinced that Aumont will ever be successful at the major league level. But Wet Luzinski reminded me earlier that at least Aumont has a chance to miss some bats. Manship just doesn't. So welcome back, Phillippe! Please don't squash any towns under your feet as you lumber towards Citizens Bank Park today.