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Game 102 Open Thread: Giants at Phillies

Cole Hamels tries to stop yet another Phillies' skid.

Enough with the attitude, man!
Enough with the attitude, man!
Mitchell Leff

Well, last night's game was nine innings. That's what I asked for, and that's what I got. Jonathan Papelbon even stepped in personally to make sure the game didn't go into extras.

How nice of him.

But it's a brand new day with brand new goals! And what is today's goal? Don't get swept. Not very lofty, right? Just don't get swept! Win this one game! There were three others they could have won, but they didn't. So now they have to win this game to not get swept.


Today's Lineups

Hunter Pence - RF Ben Revere - CF
Ehire Adrianza - 2B Jimmy Rollins - SS
Buster Posey - C Chase Utley - 2B
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Marlon Byrd - RF
Mike Morse - LF Grady Sizemore - LF
Adam Duvall - 1B Darin Ruf - 1B
Joaquin Arias - SS Cody Asche - 3B
Gregor Blanco - CF Wil Nieves - C
Tim Hudson - RHP Cole Hamels - LHP

Cole Hamels gets the ball today for the Phillies, and Ryan Howard gets another ticket to the bench. Hopefully Darin Ruf can show us something today, since that's the entire point of this experiment.

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