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Ryne Sandberg: "It could be a platoon."

Ryne Sandberg talked more about the Ryan Howard situation today.

Platoon buddies?
Platoon buddies?

Ryan Howard isn't in the starting lineup today against a right handed pitcher he has great career numbers against.  Asked about that today, manager Ryne Sandberg responded that he wanted to get Darin Ruf two games in a row in the majors so he could feel comfortable.

But then he also talked about Ryan Howard: "I look at it as a scenario where against some left-handed pitchers it could be a platoon situation going forward, depending on the numbers."

Of course, today would be an ideal day to play Howard in this possible platoon, but Sandberg is going with the hot bunter Ruf.

Howard, meanwhile, has an incredible perspective on the situation.  It's hard not to like him even more after watching the video embedded here:

Obviously, this is a situation that is going to slowly develop as the season progresses, and we have no idea right now where or how it's going to end.