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Perfect timing: Mets 7, Phillies 1

All the bad stuff is happening right before the trade deadline, so when the Phillies do nothing they can blame that. How lucky!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Two batters into AJ Burnett's night, he gave up a RBI double to Daniel Murphy that scored Curtis Granderson.

That's the kind of night it was going to be.

I mean, really. How much do you want to know about this game? Ask yourself that question and answer honestly. It's "as little as possible" right? I think I can help you.

A.J. Burnett did not have a good night. After just the first inning, he'd given up four runs, a hole the Phillies wouldn't be able to climb out of. So the three-run homer Burnett gave up to Travis d'Arnaud in the fifth inning was overkill, but there it was anyway. This was Burnett's last start before the trade deadline, so the bad timing continues.

What makes this all worse is that the Phillies had 10 hits against Bartolo Colon and could only score one run. They left 12 men on base and couldn't score until the top of the eighth inning. 10 hits and one run against this guy!

The guy is like a blob of baseball player.

Highlights: Two-hit nights from Ben Revere and Andres Blanco (who didn't even start the game). Four-hit nights from Carlos Ruiz and trade hopeful Marlon Byrd.

Lowlights: Everything else.

Source: FanGraphs

That looks like a heart monitor beeping out death, only upside down because the Phillies can't even do that right.