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Game 118 Open Thread: Mets at Phillies

The Phillies are still playing games, so we're back with you today.

I'm imagining their inner monologues and it's pretty funny.
I'm imagining their inner monologues and it's pretty funny.
Rich Schultz

Last night's game was a pain in the ass.

11 innings, five hits, and a 2-1 loss to the Mets. That's four hours well spent. HAR HAR HAR get it? Because it wasn't. I'm using sarcasm!

Seriously Phillies please win today.

Today's Lineups

Curtis Granderson - RF Ben Revere - CF
Daniel Murphy - 2B Jimmy Rollins - SS
David Wright - 3B Chase Utley - 2B
Lucas Duda - 1B Ryan Howard - 1B
Travis d'Arnaud - C Grady Sizemore - RF
Matt den Dekker - LF Domonic Brown - LF
Juan Lagares - CF Wil Nieves - C
Wilmer Flores - SS Cody Asche - 3B
Zack Wheeler - RHP Kyle Kendrick - RHP

Oh God it's Kyle Kendrick. Um, I mean, uh, yay! It's Kyle Kendrick! (Yeah I just threw up in my mouth typing that.) Dom Brown is back in left despite a rather unpleasant night defensively, and Grady Sizemore is in right field, giving Marlon Byrd a day off. Wil Nieves is behind the plate after last night's long game.

Let's hope today's game isn't so excruciating. Discuss the game in the comments below.