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Subway's LLWS Pitch: Throwback Thursday for Charity

No, no, wait, it's actually super cool.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

So, today I got the opportunity to interview Ryan Howard, which was incredible (and incredibly nerve wracking and I'm finally coming down from my adrenaline kick now, like, a half hour later).  Anyhow, I'll be posting that interview tomorrow, but today I wanted to share the reason I was allowed to talk to Ryan: Subway's Little League World Series Throwback Thursday campaign.

Now, I recognize that this all seems fairly crass on a number of levels, so let me be clear: this post was totally optional, and I'm not getting any money for it. I actually think what Subway's doing here is pretty cool.  Basically, if you're on twitter, you can post a picture of yourself in little league with the hashtag #LittleLeagueTBT, and Subway will automatically give a contribution to pay for the travel expenses for the two Challenger Division teams, buddies, and parents to the 2014 Little League World Series.  The Challenger Division, if you don't know, is a league that enables boys and girls with physical and mental disabilities to play and enjoy the game of baseball with thousands of other kids.  So, you know, pretty cool.

Anyway, this can also just be an excuse to post your own little league selves in the comments as well as on twitter.  And if you don't have a twitter, I'm sure we can twist the arm of our official account to send out your shots. It's for a good cause after all!

And stay tuned for the interview: Ryan Howard is a gem and a patient patient man to hang in with my sophomoric interview style.  Good stuff therein.