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Phillies to give this Freddy Galvis kid another shot

Reid Brignac is out, and the seemingly unkillable Freddy Galvis is back in.

"I'm back, ba--" **slips on banana peel and into incinerator**
"I'm back, ba--" **slips on banana peel and into incinerator**
Mitchell Leff

You really have to hand it to the Phillies trainers/modern medicine: You just can't keep Freddy Galvis down.

A few decades ago, they may have shoveled Freddy into a rusty wagon, kicked it down a hill, and walked away whistling. "Emergency surgery," they'd say to the reporters with a wink. "Out for the year."

Now, though, players like Freddy can undergo a lifetime of physical woes without even leaving the locker room, and still make it back on the field to finish in last place with the rest of his teammates.

After being named the starting second baseman on Opening Day 2012, Freddy has broken his back, been suspended for banned substances, hit a walk-off home run off Aroldis Chapman, contracted MRSA, and broken his clavicle sliding into a wall. Recently, though, he's been logging four-hit games (well, one) and sparking late inning rallies (one again). And now, he's getting his first second latest chance in the big leagues.

One problem that keeps happening to Freddy is that he can't seem to hit. He has a .213 BA at the Major League level, and left the scene this year hitting a balmy .048 after 46 PA. His career OPS can't quite get up to .600.

But the Phillies want to give him some at-bats, I guess, at the expense of Reid Brignac, whose .222 BA wasn't really doing anything anyway. And at least Galvis is a young product of their own system who could be of value if a few light bulbs turn on.