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Phillies Stat Notes: The new (multi) hit king

Rollins is about to catch Richie Ashburn's team record for multi-hit games, and Papelbon (if he isn't traded), will quickly rise to the top of the Phils' saves list.



  • NL Standings and team stats
    24-21 in their last 45, the Phils are just a half game behind the Mets
  • Phillies Team Stats, vs. last year and vs. the Mets
  • Individual Stats
    Revere 4 points back in the batting title race, .314 to .310

  • Today in Phillies History
  • Milestones
    Rollins needs is two multi-hit games away from Ashburn's team record

NL Standings  

The Phillies have gone 24-21 in their last 45 games, and go into Citi Field just a half game behind 4th place New York. It's good to be playing meaningful baseball again.


Reverse Standings


2015 Draft Pick

10th if the season ended today (9th worst record, plus Houston's #2 comp. pick for Aiken).
10th based on FanGraphs' projected end-of-season standings (9th by record, plus comp. pick)

Note that with a recent rules change, the teams with the 10 worst records will have their first round picks protected, regardless of how many compensation picks might be inserted before them. For 2015, that means the first 11 picks will be protected.

Phillies Team Stats, vs. 2013 and vs. the Nationals


The Mets' lineup is a patient bunch, ranking high in most plate discipline categories, and leading in the times they get into hitters' counts.

Phillies hitters at Fangraphs
Mets hitters at Fangraphs


Progression of key hitting stats:

Batting average on balls in play and hitting with runners in scoring position have both been climbing over the last month and a half:



Phillies pitchers at Fangraphs
Mets pitchers at Fangraphs


Individual Stats

Phillies Hitters

Rollins, Howard, and Ruiz have been hitting, and Sizemore may still avoid the pattern he showed in Boston earlier this year where he faded after a hot start.

Revere has cooled off, and now trails Justin Morneau by 4 points in the batting title race:

.314 Morneau
.310 Revere


This Date in Phillies History
Go here for odd and interesting events on this date in Phillies history:

Recent milestones by Phillies players, and those that may be reached over the next week...

Jimmy Rollins

  • Rollins' next home run (18th of the year) will tie Cy Williams for 8th most home runs in Phils history, at 217. Cy Williams (not Ted) was the original target of the "Williams Shift" that Howard knows so well.
  • His next RBI (54th this year) will tie Sherry Magee for 7th in Phillies history, at 886.
  • Four more hits will give Rollins 2300 for his career.
  • Four more singles will tie Larry Bowa for 3rd most on the Phils all-time list, at 1498, behind Ed Delahanty (1527), and Richie Ashburn (1811).
  • Six more singles will make him the 3rd Phillie and 7th active player with 1500 singles.
  • Rollins needs two more multi-hit games to tie Richie Ashburn's team record of 657.
  • Three more steals will make this Rollins' 11th season of 30 or more. Ozzie Smith and Bert Campaneris are the only other shortstops with 11, and no shortstop has more.

Chase Utley

  • Utley passed Granny Hamner to more into 10th place in Phillies career PAs, and now has 6228. Nine more (566 for the year) will tie Willie Puddin' Head Jones for 9th, at 6237.
  • He needs 15 At Bats (509 total) to tie Jones for 10th in that category.
  • He also needs five more hits (143 for the year) to tie Cy Williams for 9th in Phils history, at 1553.
  • Utley is two HBPs behind Derek Jeter for 16th all-time at 168, and three behind Alex Rodriguez for 15th (169).
Ryan Howard
  • Howard tied Ed Delahanty for 8th most career walks on the Phillies list, at 643.
  • He also tied Bobby Abreu for 7th most extra base hits, with 585.

Jonathan Papelbon

  • Tuesday's save was Papelbon's 100th while with the Phillies, leaving him only 12 away from Jose Mesa's team record. If he is here (and healthy) next year, that record will fall quickly. If he is traded in the off-season he will likely wind up 2nd on the Phils' list. Even if he's traded by by Sunday's midnight deadline, he has three games to try to catch Mitchie-poo:


  • On the MLB list, he tied Todd Jones for 17th all-time at 319.
  • Two more saves (35 for the year) will tie Jose Mesa for 16th all-time (321).


For reference:

Phillies All-time hitting leaders
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