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Game 112 Open Thread: Phillies at Nationals

God has abandoned the Phillies.

Jonathan Ernst

I know the Phillies have at least split this series with the Nationals, but oh man, was last night ever ugly. That was a "how are you even a baseball team?" kind of game. I mean woof.

The best thing about today? It's not that there's another chance for the Phillies to win. Nope. It's that tomorrow is an off day. No game tomorrow! Yeah, that's probably not the best thing to be excited about, but when the Phillies are bad, they're nearly unwatchable. After last night's old man clown college class reunion, we need a break.

Today's Lineups

Ben Revere - CF Denard Span - CF
Jimmy Rollins - SS Anthony Rendon - 3B
Chase Utley - 2B Jayson Werth - RF
Ryan Howard - 1B Adam LaRoche - 1B
Marlon Byrd - RF Ian Desmond - SS
Grady Sizemore - LF Scott Hairston - LF
Wil Nieves - C Asdrubal Cabrera - 2B
Cody Asche - 3B Jose Lobaton - C
Cole Hamels - LHP Stephen Strasburg - RHP

Try to do better today, Phillies.

Discuss the game in the comments below.