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Game 135 Open Thread: Phillies at Mets

Last night's game was even more failure-y in person. Hopefully tonight's game will be better. Somehow.

OK, I'll say it. These Mets are a good looking bunch.
OK, I'll say it. These Mets are a good looking bunch.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I asked for a loss and I got one! And at a game I was attending, no less. I wanted them to start losing more, yes, but did they have to make the loss so kick-you-in-the-teeth terrible? Did I personally have to witness that?

After last night, who knows what will happen tonight. Maybe a flock of birds will land on the field and carry Ben Revere away! My money's on that one.

Today's Lineups

Ben Revere - CF Juan Lagares - CF
Jimmy Rollins - SS Curtis Granderson - RF
Chase Utley - 2B David Wright - 3B
Ryan Howard - 1B Lucas Duda - 1B
Marlon Byrd - RF Travis d'Arnaud - C
Domonic Brown - LF Matt den Dekker - LF
Carlos Ruiz - C Dilson Herrera - 2B
Cody Asche - 3B Wilmer Flores - SS
Jerome Williams - RHP Bartolo Colon - RHP

Today's happy clip is for Grady Sizemore. Words to live by, buddy.

Discuss the game in the comments below.