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Phillies Trade John Mayberry Jr. to Blue Jays

Everyone's favorite mermaid-loving fourth-or-fifth outfielder is headed to Toronto.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight marks the end of John Mayberry Jr.'s journey with the Phillies. And what a strange, eventful journey it was.

Yes, with just hours left before the waiver trade deadline, the Phillies traded their longtime fourth-outfielder to the Toronto Blue Jays for third baseman Gustavo Pierre. Mayberry has been on the disabled list since July 22, and was due to be activated tomorrow. Considering that the Phillies have too many outfielders as it is, there just wasn't room for him.

Mayberry has been with the Phillies since late 2008, and he made his major league debut with the team in 2009. In his career with the Phillies, he hit .242./.304/.429, clubbed 52 homers over parts of six seasons, and gave us more than a few memorable moments along the way.

We'll have a more comprehensive story up tomorrow. In the meantime, share your favorite JMJ memories below. That is, if you have them. If you're happy to see him go, share that too.