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Taney update - top seed so far, guaranteed semi-finals spot

Tonight is the third and last game of open play. Taney is the top seed so far and has a guaranteed spot in Friday's semi-finals.

Tonight's Taney Dragon's game will be played under the lights.
Tonight's Taney Dragon's game will be played under the lights.
Denis Poroy

Want your daily fix of good Philadelphia news?  Dying to hear about a first place Philadelphia baseball team?  Wondering what's going on with a real World Series contender?'

Look no further than today's update about the Taney Dragons.  If you've missed this story, herehere, and here are our previous updates.  TL; DR - Taney is a Center City little league organization that has taken the Pennsylvania state championships and is doing everything it can to get a berth in the Little League World Series.

In the Bristol, Connecticut Mid-Atlantic regionals, Taney has gone 2-0 so far.  They play their third game tonight against the New York state champs, from Colonie, New York.  The game is at 7pm, but will not be televised.  If you're interested, you can follow the action via this link.

Tonight's game is both relevant and irrelevant.  Starting with the irrelevancy, no matter what happens, the Dragons will be in the regional semi-finals Friday.  Because of their unbeaten record, their incredible run differential of +14 (19 runs scored, 5 allowed), and the other teams' performances, the Dragons are currently ranked first in their region and first of 12 teams in the entire East region (both Mid-Atlantic and Northeast).

The semi-finals will be televised on ESPN, so you can watch for yourself Friday.  Depending on their final seeding, the Dragons will play at either 11am or 3pm.

Tonight's game is still relevant though because it can impact the Dragons' ultimate seeding.  The powerhouse team from Tom's River, New Jersey is also 2-0.  Delaware has already played all three games and is 2-1.  Taney could drop if they lose tonight or do not dominate.  Obviously, a #1 ranking would be great so they play the #4 team, so tonight's game matters in that regard.

Regardless, Taney's star pitcher Mo'ne Davis will not be pitching tonight, as she exceeded the Little League limit Sunday and has to wait until Friday to pitch again.  She'll be on the field, but her coach hasn't yet decided where she'll play.

As for what Friday's games mean, the winners of the two Mid-Atlantic regional games Friday play Sunday at 6pm, also on ESPN.  The winner of that game goes to Williamsport for the World Series.

Here's hoping Philadelphia gets a World Series team this year!