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The Good Phight Power Rankings: Roy Halladay Tweets

In which I review how excellent Roy Halladay has been, not in his Hall of Fame-worthy baseball career, but as a Twitter user.

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One of the very best.
One of the very best.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Halladay is pretty much the best at most things, including baseball, piloting, cars and twitter. His Twitter account, @RoyHalladay, is one of the absolute must-follows for any baseball fan.

Submitted for your approval, the 20 best tweets by the man himself, and, though numbered, in no particular order.

1. One of the best parts of Halladay's tenure in Philadelphia was the internet phenomenon ZooWithRoy. I don't know if they ever went to the Zoo, but greatness witnesses greatness.

2. Say what you will about Jeff Loria, this alone earns him a mountain of respect. The book isn't bad either.

3. Never touch a man's drum set.

4. How awesome is this?

5. Roy, your man card is for life, but this is an awesome collection.

6. This is wonderful.

7-15. These are the nine best tweets ever. Read them all.

16. Eat it, Cardinals' fans.

17. Roy does have a thing for Chase, but who can blame him?

18. I'd totally go to the Zoo with Kyle Kendrick.

19. Is it too late for me to be on a Little League team with Roy's kid?

20. Even his goofy tweets are adorable. Roy, you're the best.

Stay tuned for next week, when we rank something else!