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Game 114 Open Thread: Astros at Phillies

I'm sorry, OK?

That picture makes me miss Mike Sweeney.
That picture makes me miss Mike Sweeney.
Brian Garfinkel


In last night's game thread, I idly joked that if Scott Barry was there, we should buckle down and prepare for 16 innings. As I was making that joke, I thought "That will never, ever happen." Obviously I crossed the baseball gods and they were angry. Because Scott Barry was umpiring last night (though he wasn't judging check-swings), and the game lasted 15 innings.

I am very sorry and I will now think before I joke.

Today's Lineups

Jose Altuve - 2B Ben Revere - CF
Robbie Grossman - RF Jimmy Rollins - SS
Chris Carter - LF Chase Utley - 2B
Jonathan Singleton - 1B Ryan Howard - 1B
Matt Dominguez - 3B Marlon Byrd - RF
Carlos Corporan - C Grady Sizemore - LF
Jake Marisnick - CF Wil Nieves - C
Gregorio Petit - SS Cody Asche - 3B
Brad Peacock - RHP David Buchanan - RHP

Tonight, I'm not even going to chance it. The lineup is above, the game's about to start, you know what to do. Discuss the game in the comments below.