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Bad Phillies News: Cliff Lee out for the season

Cliff Lee's season is done. Because of course it is.

I don't know either, Cliff.
I don't know either, Cliff.
Mitchell Leff

Everyone's favorite guy who doesn't give a shit is out for the rest of the 2014 season with an elbow ailment, according to Todd Zolecki. He won't need surgery, but that's small consolation for fans who enjoy watching an artist at work.

Lee's 2014 season has had some ups and downs, but he's been more solid than not, posting a 4-5 record with an ERA of 3.65 but a FIP of 2.96. His strikeouts are down from last year, but he's still well above-average with a K/BB rate of 6.00.

Here's to you, Phifer. Come back to us healthy.