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Phillies Stat Notes: Rollins' 800th extra base hit

Rollins' next extra base hit will make him only the 5th shortstop ever to reach 800.

Mitchell Leff



  • NL Standings and team stats
    Phillies would get 9th 2015 pick if season ended today
  • Phillies Team Stats vs. 2013 and vs. Mets
    Phils have had the NL's worst BB% since June 21
  • Individual Stats
    Phillies aren't very good at hitting
  • Today in Phillies History
  • Milestones
    Rollins will become the 8th player ever with 450 steals and 800 extra base hits

NL Standings and Team Stats

New York has had about the same offense as the Phils, but better pitching:


Reverse Standings


2015 Draft Pick

9th if the season ended today (8th by record, plus Houston's #2 comp. pick for Aiken)
8th based on projected end-of-season standings (FanGraphs: 7th by record, plus comp. pick)

Phillies Team Stats vs. 2013 and vs. Mets


The Phils' walk rate has gone from...

- 8.1% in the first 72 games (6th in the NL)
- 6.0% in the last 43 games (15th in the NL)

The Phillies are still 14th in the NL in scoring 3 or more runs (i.e. have the second most games with 2 runs or less), ahead of only the Padres, who are still far behind despite their post-All Star break hitting surge.

The Mets and Phils are within 2% of each other in runs per game, AVG, OBP, SLG, OPS, and ISO:


Phillies hitters at Fangraphs
Mets hitters at Fangraphs

Key hitting stat progression:

Their average with RISP has essentially caught up to their overall average again...


Pitching and Defense


Phillies pitchers at Fangraphs
Mets pitchers at Fangraphs

Individual Stats


Revere's OPS is up to .700. His previous high for a season was last year's .691, and the last time he was at .700 past the early part of a season was in late August 2012.


OPS Progression:


This Date in Phillies History
Go here for odd and interesting events on this date in Phillies history:

Recent milestones by Phillies players, and those that may be reached over the next week...

Jimmy Rollins

  • Rollins' next time caught stealing (6th of the year) will be the 95th of his career and will put him past Larry Bowa for sole possession of #1 in Phillies history. Caught stealing stats have been kept since 1951. When talking about Rollins and this caught stealing mark, lest people get the wrong idea it always feels necessary to add that Rollins has had one of the highest stealing success rates in history:

- 9th highest among the 147 players with 300+ attempts
- 4th highest among the 44 with 500+

  • With his next extra base hit (37th this year), Rollins will reach 800 for his career. He'll be...
    - the 2nd Phillie with 800+, joining Mike Schmidt (1015)
    - and the 5th shortstop in baseball history with that many, joining Ripken (1078), Wagner (996), Jeter (859), and Cronin (803).
  • Rollins is also three stolen bases away from 450 for his career. When he reaches that, along with the 800 extra base hits, the exclusive club of players with that combination will get an 8th member:


  • Three more home runs (18 total) will tie Rollins with Cy Williams for 8th most home runs in Phils history, at 217. Cy Williams (not Ted) was the original target of the "Williams Shift" that Howard knows so well.
  • Rollins also needs five RBI (54 for the year) to tie Sherry Magee for 7th in Phillies history, at 886.

Chase Utley

  • Utley needs four more extra base hits (43 for the year) to reach 600 for his career. He had 29 extra base hits in April-May, but has only had 9 in June-July. In any case, when he does get five more he will join this group with 600+:

    1015 - Mike Schmidt
    798 - Jimmy Rollins
    686 - Ed Delahanty
    643 - Chuck Klein
    634 - Del Ennis

  • His next HBP (9th this year) will tie Utley with Kid Elberfeld for 17th most all-time, at 165. Derek Jeter is 16th (167), and Alex Rodriguez 15th (169). Elberfeld was a turn of the century infielder who first came up with the Phillies (his SABR bio).

Jonathan Papelbon

  • With last night's save against Houston, Papelbon tied Tug McGraw for 5th most in Phils history, at 94.
  • On the MLB all-time list, his next save (28th this year) will tie Robb Nen for 19th, at 314.


For reference:

Phillies All-time hitting leaders
Phillies All-time pitching leaders