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Game 117 Open Thread: Mets at Phillies

Yay it's Charlie Manuel Day!

I love grandpa Charlie.
I love grandpa Charlie.
Rich Schultz

Charlie Manuel, everyone's favorite Phillies manager and the winner of this year's "You Don't Know What You've Got Until It's Gone" award, is being inducted into (onto?) the Phillies Wall of Fame tonight.

I miss him. Do you miss him?

Today's Lineups

Curtis Granderson - RF Ben Revere - CF
Daniel Murphy - 2B Jimmy Rollins - SS
David Wright - 3B Chase Utley - 2B
Eric Campbell - LF Ryan Howard - 1B
Lucas Duda - 1B Marlon Byrd - RF
Travis d'Arnaud - C Domonic Brown - LF
Juan Lagares - CF Carlos Ruiz - C
Wilmer Flores - SS Cody Asche - 3B
Dillon Gee - RHP Cole Hamels - LHP

Hamels was pulled off waivers, so we don't have to worry about losing him for now. We get to watch him do things like start tonight. And for the rest of the season!

Bask in the glow of Hamels, Manuel, and discuss the game in the comments below.