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The Good Phight Power Rankings: Episode VIII: Runs Batted In

In which, for the first time ever, we break down that most important of statistics in an effort to better understand the game.

Rich Schultz

So, I hope it goes without saying that Runs Batted In, a measure of how productive and important a batter is to his team, is far and away the most important and meaningful of baseball statistics. But what are the best kinds of RsBI you ask? Well, using SCIENCE! I have resolved this important question, and can provide the answer!

1. The Game-Winning Run Batted In (GWRBI)

2. Bases Loaded Dinger Runs Batted In (BLDRBI)

3. Normal Dinger Run Batted In But With Extreme Bat Flip Like A Boss (NDRBIBWEBFLAB)

4. Bases Clearing Doubles/Triples (BCDT)

5. Driving In Yourself By Stealing Home (DIYBSH)

6. Getting Hit By A Pitch With The Bases Loaded (THEMAN)

7. That One Time When Matt Stairs Blasted The Hell Out Of A Ball And Joe Buck Forever Redeemed Himself With a Great Call (DEEPINTOTHENIGHT)

8. Getting An Assist From The Catcher On A Passed Ball And Scoring From Third (GAAFTCOAPBASFT)

9. Beating The Shift Driving In A Runner In The Late Innings (EATFRESH)

10. Batting Even Now Going Hard After Zero Innings (BENGHAZI)

11. Jobs Cash Hope Runs (THANKSOBAMA)

12. I'm Sorry Ms. Jackson *ooooooo* RBIs Are Reeeeal! Never Meant To Make Your Daughter Cry, I Just Really Like The RBI! (ISMJORBIARNMTMYDCIJRLTRBI)

13. Such Runs Very Batting Much In Wow (RBIE)

14. When The Batter Gets A Run Batted In But MLB.TV Glitches Out And You Don't Get To See It (WTFYO)

15. Bases Loaded No Out Hitting Into a Double Play For An Uncredited Run Batted In Followed By Being Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like A Nincompoop To End The Inning (BLNOHIADPFAURBIFBBTOOTBLANTETI)

Can you think of any RBIs we left out? Probably not because we used Science! but if you do think of any, let us know!And please tune in next week* for another exciting episode of Power Rankings! In Color!

*week may not actually be a week

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